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Flavorah - Vanilla Pudding - 15ml Flavorah - Macaroon - 15ml Flavorah - Guanabana - 15ml
Best pudding ever, a great vanilla pudding! Vanilla Pudding is a must have for your flavor stash, a favorite flavor of so many!

Recommended use 3-7%

Cream and caramel with some toasted brown coconut notes. Macaroon has an easy, long finish of nuts and sweet macaroon. This flavor is very friendly to bakery and coconut flavors. Its long nutty finish is pleasant and can stand alone if needed.

This flavor is awesome. It came as a special request from a customer in Brazil and even though the name takes some practice, the flavor notes will be almost familiar as they blend some of the most pleasing tropical notes imaginable. This flavor can stand alone, or be used with other tropical cousins like Cherimoya, Jackfruit or its analog, Soursop. Guanabana is synonymous with Soursop like apples to apples, but we have two distinct takes on this amazing flavor, so think of Soursop as a red apple, and Guanabana as a green apple.

Recommended use 2-2.5%
Flavorah - Cream - 15ml Flavorah - Boysenberry - 15ml Flavorah - Custard - 15ml
Flavorah - Cream - 15ml
Our Price: $5.49
This vanilla cream flavor is an excellent background for many fruits. Unlike a custard background, a cream will not have the nasal egg flavor. This is a white cream, with its own rich vanilla notes. Recommended: queue up the moody blues song, "Knights in White Satin" when you use this flavor.

Recommended use .5 - 4%
Clear boysenberry notes. Great for mixing with fruits, or with bakery flavors for a jam filling.

Recommended use 1-5%
Sans vanilla, this custard is the eggy cream. You might get lost without the vanilla notes, but if a plain custard is needed it can be a very useful tool. Not likely to be your standalone, but when you use custard as a base note to add depth, and don't need the dominant effects of the vanilla, then this is a better option.

Recommended use 2- 6%
Flavorah - Frosting - 15ml Flavorah - Peach- 15ml Flavorah - Red Raspberry - 15ml
Flavorah - Peach- 15ml
Our Price: $5.49
Can there be any thing better, smoother way add to your recipe than FLV Frosting? White vanilla with sweet mellow edges. Just like licking the bowl! Frosting flavored like a dream. Puff puff, you magic dragon.

Recommended use 1 - 1.5%
If you have ever been caught stealing gummy Peach-Os from a friend, then this flavor will end your larceny. Bold and brilliant peach flavor is tasty and alive. Not bland or overly subtle, it is a sweet, tasty peach.

Recommended use 1-5%
Louder than our normal raspberry. This is a candy raspberry that goes well with sweet fruits.

Recommended use 1-5%
Flavorah - Sweetness - 15ml Flavorah - Black Currant - 15ml Flavorah - Bourbon - 15ml
FLV Sweetness is a flavorless sweetness enhancer. It will not gunk coils like other sweeteners that are formulated for beverage and contain sugar buffers and fillers. No fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin. PG base.

On the edge of an English garden, beyond the pea gravel and birdbaths there is often a currant bush. The dark berries ripen to a sweet note unfamiliar to most Americans because the fruit was federally banned for nearly a hundred years in the USA. However, unlike other banned plants that stink like skunks, FLV Black Currant will give you a fruity and captivating berry note that will give your fruits a mysterious "Whats that, I like it!"

FLV Black Currant is a natural toned currant flavor with a hint of tartness, some jam, and not too syrupy. Don't worry about overpowering your mix, this is a very forgiving flavor and pairs great with Blueberries, Boysenberry, Raspberry, Lemonade and many others.
Recommended use 2 – 5%

Oaky American bourbon with a smooth finish. Adds a wonderful smoke and oak to many flavors. This is an essential change agent for that juice you have that is missing something... Something special, like an aged barrel of kentucky's finest.

Recommended use 1-5%.
Flavorah - Mango - 15ml Flavorah - Graham Cracker - 15ml Flavorah - Chocolate Duetsche - 15ml
Flavorah - Mango - 15ml
Our Price: $7.49
Brilliant real fruit mango is highly potent and effective for ripe and sweet mango notes. Try this flavor with yakima hops if your are trying to make it a less-ripe green mango. Goes well with many fruits, especially tropicals.

Recommended use 1-5%
Dry honey graham cracker. Excellent note for bakery and dessert recipes, and a good tool in the cookie, pie and crust zone. Versatile flavor depending on the flavor you are trying to achieve

Recommended use 1-5%
A German chocolate cake flavor. Works as a chocolate chip note in other recipes requiring a chocolate. This is a very nice compliment to a our Creme de Menthe and Coffee flavors.
Recommended use 2 – 5%

Flavorah - Apple Filling - 15ml Flavorah - Vanilla Custard - 15ml Flavorah - Pink Guava- 15ml
Grandma's apple pie filling. Touch of cinnamon and sweet creamy baked apples. This is an excellent apple for any apple pie or baked apple flavor note. Great for apple strudel, apple fritter, and apple pastry filling notes. Plays nicely with FLV Rich Cinnamon. Strong and clear enough for a standalone, but amazing with a little mixing creativity applied.
Recommended use 1-5%

There is nothing boring about vanilla. Heck, if vanilla custard was a person, this one would be a ninja. It can do everything: blend with coffee, fruit, mints or vape it alone. We prefer a touch of fruit (fruit ninja), but some people just like the soft, rich taste of vanilla custard and leave it as is. It is an open canvas for your mixing mastery, and an essential part of every library of flavors.

Recommended use 3-7%

A tropical delight, this pink guava flavor really transports us south with its sweet and fruity taste. It's like your own personal spider monkey climbed to the top of a tree and pulled it down, just for you!

Flavorah - Rich Cinnamon - 15ml Flavorah - Alpine Strawberry - 15ml
Very highly concentrated, this cinnamon flavor only needs .5-2% solution to deliver full flavoring notes. Not the red-hot candy cinnamon, this is the rich, natural ground cinnamon flavor profile that you would find in a sticky bun or apple fritter. Delightful flavor for any savory that needs cinnamon. Extremely potent too. Note: This flavor contains cinnamic aldehyde.

Recommended use 0.15-2%
Heavenly balanced and smooth strawberry. Red and sweet like a small alpine strawberry that is picked high in the mountains. Commercial strawberries that we buy in the store are a hybrid of two species: one gives them their flavor, the other gives them their shape and size. This is the special species of strawberry that is small and hard to reach on the high mountains, but flavored by its proximity to heaven. This flavor is extremely concentrated and will get a soapy distortion if mixed in at to high a level.

Recommended use .25-1%