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Product Description

The Flavor Apprentice is a division of The Perfumers Apprentice. These flavors are concentrated professional grade food flavorings.

We are currently offering the Professional Flavors in your choice of 6ml, 20ml and 30ml!

If you are looking for larger sizes, we now have 4 ounce bottles in limited flavors!

There is no perfect percentage to start with as each flavor is different and each persons taste buds are also different.  We do suggest that with the coffee flavors customers start low, 1-2% is often a good place to start with them and then you can build up the flavor to your desired level.  With most flavors a good starting point is 10% and then adjust to taste.

Please be aware, flavors are not returnable so try them in a smaller size before ordering a larger one.



* Flavors that we carry that contain Custard notes: are now noted in the drop down menu with an * behind their name.

 Click here to see how custard notes can affect flavorings They are not recommended for inhalation but consumption


Looking for a flavor we do not have yet? Email us at sales@onestopdiyshop.com and let us know!

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Product Reviews

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  1. As,Always.....OSDIY Makes The Mark!

    Posted by The Gruff Goat-Gruff Goat Vapors on 30th Jan 2015

    TFA's flavorings are some of the best e-liquid flavorings,on the market.
    They're true to taste, and being the quality they are, they require a far less amount, to obtain the end results I'm after.
    Coupled with OSDIY's great prices, super quick shipping, and fantastic customer service, and there's nothing else needed, when ordering flavorings!

  2. good

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2015

    Shipping was super fast and fairly priced. Flavors are good but 2 of the 4, imo, require sweetener to taste the way I would want. Cinnamon spice and caramel didnt taste good on their own. The banana bread and pineapple were great.

  3. awesome flavors

    Posted by Stefano Rinaldi on 28th Jan 2015

    fantastic flavors. ONE STOP DIY is an amazing company, very professional and super quick to ship the product

  4. Awesome

    Posted by Jeff N on 25th Jan 2015

    very yum

  5. excellent flavors

    Posted by Jon B. on 24th Jan 2015

    Excellent flavors, and service.

  6. Last review was for flavor west flavors

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jan 2015

    My previous review was intended for the flavor west flavors I ordered. I only ordered one flavor apprentice flavoring, black tea, I'm not thrilled with it. Its very bitter and I have to really reach to taste the tea.

  7. Excellent flavors!

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jan 2015

    I ordered tres leche, sweet cream, vanilla custard, madagascar vanilla, and ginger. I've tried all of the cream flavors, but not the ginger yet. They are all amazing and have allowed me to salvage several bottles of junky flavorless juice I had laying around. I just wish this website listed the flavors separately for review purposes. I would have liked to read individual reviews on each flavor before blindly pressing the order button. I am very happy with these flavors.

  8. the best flavoring anywhere

    Posted by louie on 18th Jan 2015

    The flavoring comes really fast and always the best

  9. These flavors were my first DIY juices

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jan 2015

    The juices turned out great after steeping. Some of my flavored are still sleeping but I have already purchased more flavor concentrates because I was impressed

  10. TFA Product Review

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jan 2015

    Best Flavors I have used. I have purchased from other retailers and TFA has the best strength and flavors.

  11. TFA flavors

    Posted by Steve on 15th Jan 2015

    All of the TFA flavors are great

  12. TFA Smooth is it!

    Posted by Jack S. on 15th Jan 2015

    After looking into TFA's Smooth, I went ahead and bought a 6 ml sample to try. Not sure how or why it does what it does, but this product really works! Just a drop per 10 ml of your mix, makes it vape so much better, unbelievable!
    Just try it, you will like it! I use it in all my mixes now!

  13. Great Flavors

    Posted by Dave K on 10th Jan 2015

    I'm new to diy, and these are some of the first flavors over tried. The flavor matches the product description. Apple pie and orange cream are two of my favorites. I like the orange cream equally mixed with french vanilla. As always the customer service is great and the shipping fast.

  14. Flavor Apprentice pro flavors

    Posted by Kerry Comstock on 6th Jan 2015

    I recently bought several FA pro flavors and was happy with my choices(sour and sweet cream)because these were just what my juices needed!! thanks OSDIY!

  15. The Mint I've been looking for...

    Posted by Jack S. on 5th Jan 2015

    Picked up an ounce of TFA Peppermint and am really glad I did! This is my new ADV as it has that minty and refreshing taste,(like just eating a breath mint), and gives ya a nice TH. Also have added it to OSDIY Chocolate Cream, awesome! As always, super fast service and shipping!!! Thanks again guys!

  16. simply the best flavoring

    Posted by Daniel davis on 2nd Jan 2015

    There is no other flavoring bethan tfa i have tried many and nothin is in comparison

  17. FA for not much more$

    Posted by derp8 on 31st Dec 2014

    Purchasing FA flavors for just a little more than FA themselves is great. I would rather purchase direct because I like the glass containers but in a pinch this site works.

  18. Great Flavors

    Posted by Jerry W on 29th Dec 2014

    The flavors I got was great and the shipping was out of this world, I ordered this on 12/21/14 and got it before Christmas, and the extras was a great surprise, will order again and very soon to.

  19. Chery Extract-Not as Expected

    Posted by Gregory Maurice on 28th Dec 2014

    This is more of a Tobacco flavor with mild overtones of Cherry, not at all fruity, nice in-and-of-itself, but not at all what I expected from the label

  20. Jamaican Rum

    Posted by Paul L. Gruff Goat Vapors on 28th Dec 2014

    One of the hardest e-liquids I work with, to try and get them "right", are the various drink flavors in the tropical/fruity arena.
    They can become so complex, and difficult to make come out right....I get "rummy"! (Okay, okay, sorry..but it's late!)
    Luckily,when it comes to making the tropical/fruity drinks where I want a rum flavor to come through, the Jamaican Rum by FA is excellent.
    I only have to use a very small amount of this flavoring, to get a true and honest rum-like-flavor,where it won't smother out the fruit flavorings I'm also using.
    This one, and all the other flavorings that I purchase from One Stop DIY,are also excellent.
    With OSDIY's pricing, EXCELLENT customer service,fattening candy in every shipment, and super fast shipping, there is no need to shop anywhere else,for my flavorings!

  21. This stuff is great and fast shipping

    Posted by Seth on 23rd Dec 2014

    This is by far the best flavors I've used for my eliquid. A lot of others leave a chimical taste and have bad ingredients in them. I also receive my shipments very fast, although it probably helps that I live in Wisconsin and they are based in Minnesota.

  22. Mojita Very good

    Posted by DrPhu on 15th Dec 2014

    I like the fresh taste and not to much on the lime, 3 drops per ml in ~ 70pg/30vg juice good

  23. spot on

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2014

    Flavors are exceptional very happy

  24. fast shipping!

    Posted by Doug on 8th Dec 2014

    Horchata Smooth was the best so far.
    TFA. I will be ordering more of that!!!

  25. they were very good

    Posted by bonnie on 4th Dec 2014

    they flavors were excellent and the service from the company was the best ive had. I will definitely be ordering more from one stop diy shop

  26. Great ppl!

    Posted by d n d juice on 26th Nov 2014

    Great ppl great prices and super fast shipping keeps me coming back everytime.

  27. Quality sevice

    Posted by Monroe on 25th Nov 2014

    I find it hard to rate flavors as we all have different taste. I find the products sold here to be of high quality, and their shipping and service are great!

  28. awful

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Nov 2014

    i threw the entire bottle away, it tastes like horrible artificial popcorn. do not buy

  29. Waffle

    Posted by APBT mom on 24th Nov 2014

    A very authentic waffle flavor that mixes well with others. I found it to be very different from the "Belgium waffle" which I didn't like at all.

  30. Ripe Banana

    Posted by APBT mom on 24th Nov 2014

    This is the only banana I use in my recipes. It is a strong flavor and everyone I know likes it. If you are looking for a great banana flavoring this one is a must. Be aware that it will ruin plastic tanks and syringes so use it accordingly. Well worth the trouble.

  31. Best Pineapple Out There

    Posted by APBT mom on 22nd Nov 2014

    TFA's pineapple is the juiciest, tangiest pineapple I have found. It's the only one I use in all my pineapple recipes. Be aware it is a flavor that will ruin plastic tanks and syringes. Glass only but well worth it.

  32. Flawed Rating System

    Posted by Zachary on 22nd Nov 2014

    I've had mixed results with this flavor brand. The English Toffee is amazing, The Guava is pretty good, the Horchata is awful.

    I'd like the option to rate the flavors individually so as not to drag down the winners with the losers

  33. great flavorings.

    Posted by Robb on 22nd Nov 2014

    Osdiyshop is the best place online for flavorings and diy supplies. Been using them for years they ship fast and always take care of me.

  34. bananas foster

    Posted by robert on 21st Nov 2014

    Banana is my favorite flavor to vape as it has a lot of body to it, the vapor to me feels more similar to smoke and helps me not smoke cigs. Tfa foster is one of the best banana flavors I've used. Out of FA, tfa, wizard labs and flavor west so far bananaa foster by tfa takes the cake! Still looking for a better more candy like banana flavor. Most ripe banana flavors to me taste like unripe banana, so candy ish would be a better bet for me

  35. gteat poduct at a great price

    Posted by Emerson romine on 19th Nov 2014

    The order is always rt and prices are great. Delivery us always within 3 days. Recommend to everyone.

  36. awesome flavor

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2014

    Really like these flavors and will be buying more

  37. Nice

    Posted by MIA on 10th Nov 2014

    Great flavors!! Good quality!!

  38. strawberry by tfa

    Posted by James on 8th Nov 2014

    One of the best I love it and at one stop diy shop the ppl there are awesome great deals and super fast thanks guys

  39. good deal

    Posted by Ionman on 5th Nov 2014

    Good quality, good selection, great shipping

  40. Great!

    Posted by Zac Darnell on 5th Nov 2014

    My customers and employees love the ejuice i make with your extracts. By far the best fruit extracts I have ever bought.

  41. strong flavors

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2014

    The best flavors i have found and you dont need a high % to taste it

  42. Great stuff!

    Posted by RJH on 31st Oct 2014

    Great stuff. Really gives my menthol a kick.

  43. More flavor when I need it

    Posted by Rob on 26th Oct 2014

    After many years of smoking, my taste buds are somewhat whacked. Certain e liquids do not contain enough flavor. i.e. Peach, Blueberry, Passion fruit. I have ordered e liquids with extra flavor, but for me there just isn't enough. Bought these plus Black Cherry to boost the e liquids I have in those flavors. Works like a charm. Very natural tasting. Will be buying more in the future!

  44. the flavor is great.

    Posted by duncan on 24th Oct 2014

    The flavor is great, great price and speedy service.

  45. Great

    Posted by EMILY CHIODINI on 23rd Oct 2014

    Delicious for desserts!

  46. Quality flavoring

    Posted by Dave Fletcher on 22nd Oct 2014

    First time diy'er here and with the recipe i used i absolutely loved the finale product.

  47. French Vanilla Creme

    Posted by CaptDJB on 19th Oct 2014

    Just perfect ! Very versatile flavor - added 4% to some Strawberry (ripe) 10% for an easy peasy shake n vape (GREAT in a dripper )!
    Added to OS Blueberry and many others in the OS line up - just can't go wrong.
    As always great service and lightning fast shipping! One Stop is IT !

  48. solid extracts for professionals and for DIYers

    Posted by Corey on 18th Oct 2014

    I have ordered through OneStopDIY at least 4 times and i honestly couldn't be happier with the fast shipping, customer service, and the accuracy in which they put your order together. The flavor apprentice extracts are awesome. They are good quality extracts that are for the most part, spot on. I have tried a few extracts that were not even close, but the rest are fantastic. 5 stars over all!

  49. RY4 Double

    Posted by Julia Brown on 15th Oct 2014

    Bought a 6ml first, and now have ordered a 20ml b/c I have used the 6ml up already. Wonderful flavor profile for your e-juice. Not dry, not harsh, no overly-tobacco influence on your recipe. The flavor does have a mild tan coloring to it, not completely clear (just FYI).
    Thank you OSDIYS!

  50. Fast delivery

    Posted by randy on 13th Oct 2014

    Only took like 2 days to get my order.....nuff said

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