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A great place to find new recipes, techniques and great info is at E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) DIY E-liquid.

Breaktru Software has created an advanced e-liquid calculator which is also a wonderful source for DIY e-liquid recipes. This software is called eJuice Me Up and can be found here.

Submit your favorite recipe to Sales@OneStopDIYShop.com and see your recipes listed here!

Caramel Pecan Cheesecake - 12mg


1ml 36mg e-liquid

1.4ml VG 0.3ml Lorann Pralines and Cream

0.3ml Lorann Cheesecake

Cherry Licorice Twist - 18mg


1.5ml 36mg e-liquid

0.9ml VG

0.2ml Lorann Cherry

0.4ml Lorann Licorice

Creamy Cheesecake - 6mg


0.5ml 36mg e-liquid

1ml PG

0.9ml VG

0.6ml Lorann Cheesecake

Vanilla Caramel - 0mg


1.7ml PG

0.7ml VG

0.3ml Lorann Bavarian Creme

0.3ml Lorann Caramel

French Choco Banana by Skyway

50/50%nic @36mg

12mg target

30ml size to make

65/35% PG/VG


10ml nic

6.55ml PG

5.35ml VG

2.7ml Banana Creme

2.4ml Double Chocolate

2.7ml French Vanilla



0.8mil or 15 drops of 50/50 48mg nic. to get 12mg finish product

3 drops Flavour Art Desert ship


1 drop Flavour Art 7Leaves


8 drops of The Flavor Apprentice Honey


2mil of 80%vg


20% distilled water

Key Lime Pie by StotheK

5ml nicotine base

3.5ml PG

1 ml key lime

.2ml bavarian cream

.3ml graham cracker

.1ml sweetener (1 - 2 drops really)

Cinnamon Dolce Latte by Neo

FA Esp 3 drops

FA Cinn 1 drops

FA Butter 2 drops

PA Brown Sugar 4 drops

5 ml base

Fresh Baked Chocolate Cake by DM

5mil bottle


48mg 50/50 nic at 1.2mil or 25drops.

.70 mil or 15 drops of Loranns chocolate

.25 mil or 5 drops of The Flavor Apprentice double chocolate

1 drop of The Flavor Apprentice french vanilla

1 drop of Ethyl Maltol

2.8 mil or 55 drops 50/50 vg/pg

Andes Mint by DM

10mil bottle


48mg pg nic at 2.4mil or 50 drops for a 12mg finish product

1.5mil Loranns chocolate mint chip

0.5mil The Flavor Apprentice double chocolate

1 drop menthol drops

5.5mil 80vg / 20distilled water

Lemonade from a Peach Tree! By DM

5mil bottle


48mg 50/50 nic at 1.2mil or 25 drops to make 12mg finish product

15 drops Loranns Lemonade

5 drops Loranns peach

1 drop ethyl maltol

1 drop Loranns tart and sour

2.8mil 50/50 pg/vg

let it steep for a day then vape!

Cool Watermelon by DM



48mg pg nic at 1.2mil or 25drops for a 12mg finish product

0.8 mil of Loranns watermelon

2 drop of Loranns amaretto

2 drop of Loranns tart & sour

2.8 mil or 55 drops 50/50 vg/pg

Macaroon: by sophie_lapin

15% flavor using ScubaBatDan's Ecalc


40 parts Capella Vanilla Cupcake

35 parts Flavour Art Coconut

15 parts Perfumer's Apprentice Toasted Almond

10 parts Flavour Art Cookie

Cheeky Apricot by Pamdane


3 ML Your favorite VG/PG blend. I do 1 ml PG 2 ml VG

1 ml Southern Comfort

1 ml Apricot

.50 ml peach

one drop marshmallow

dip toothpick in banana cream. Swirl into final mix.

4 drops sweetener

one drop tart/sour

Banana Nut Bread by Kelly B. (This is the flavor mix for a 5ml batch)

2 drops banana

5 drops amaretto

3 drops vanilla

1 drop of the pg tobacco blend


PB's Punkin Rolls (Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Orange Butter Cream Frosting)

9% Pumkin

9% Cinnamon Roll

9% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

3% Orange Cream

Big Bear's Raspberry Cookie

5% cookie

2% brownsugar

3% cotton candy

15% rarspberry

5% sweet cream

Lisa B's Chocolate Covered Almonds

TFA Double Chocolate - 10%

TFA Amaretto Almond - 10%

Lisa B's S'Mores

TFA Double Chocolate - 10%

TFA Marshmallow - 10%

TFA Graham Cracker - 5%

Lisa B's Raspberry Cheesecake

TFA Raspberry - 5%

TFA Cheesecake - 15%

Lisa B's Cinnamon Roll

TFA Cinnamon - 3%

TFA Dulche de Leche - 17%

Lisa B's Peanut Butter Cup

TFA Peanut Butter - 8%

TFA Double Chocolate - 8%

TFA Graham Cracker - 4%

Lisa B's Peanut Butter Delight

TFA Peanut Butter - 8%

TFA Double Chocolate - 6%

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - 2%

TFA Caramel - 4%

Lisa B's Strawberry Waffles

TFA Strawberry - 7%

TFA Waffle - 13%

E-Z Sweetz - 1 Drop per 3 ml

50/50 bar (in progress) by Kelly Brett

15 drops fa orange

25 drops vanilla bean ice cream

2 drops aaa magic mask

Raspberry creamsicle 18ml by Kelly B

10 drops raspberry

30 drops vanilla bean icecream

test mix 2 "serious tubac" (this is the final version) by Kelly B

10 ml pre-mix

12 drops fa virginia blend

2 drops black sesame

6 drops fa perique black

6 drops fa maxboro ult

6 drops fa burley

3 drops PA dark chocolate

4 drops PA dk tobacco

This needs to set for at least 2 days before the flavors mix and marry, don't give it a taste at 5 minutes and expect that to be the flavor.

pineapple upside down cake by Kelly B

15 ml batch

11 drops PA pineapple

9 drops PA brown sugar extra

5 drops FA cookie

5 drops PA vanilla bean ice cream

5 drops PA waffle

4 drops PA ameretto

3 drops PA graham cracker

1 drop PA sweetner

1 drop PA marachino cherry

1 drop PA caramel original

3 drops BM white cake (this is optional, but very good to add)

Mai Tai by Kelly B


12.5 ml (this is still under construction, and will be converted to 18ml in the next version)


7 drops pineapple

1 drop marachino cherry (sub in 1 drop sweetner, 2 drops pomegranite?)

9 drops brown sugar extra

1 drop mango (drop?)

2 drops black cherry (drop?)

3 drops key lime

6 drops jamacan rum

6 drops FA orange

2 drops aaa magic mask

mild tobacco blend by Kelly B


15ml yield (could use more work)


14 ml base mix

9 drops fa virginia

8 drops fa maxboro

3 drops FA chocolate

2 drops fa burley

3 drops fa perique black

2 drops pa french vanilla

butterscotch pecan by Kelly B


18ml (this is more or less final version)


30 drops PA vanilla bean ice cream

8 drops pecan

5 drops butterscotch

mint choco by Kelly B


18 ml (prototype, but yummy)


12 drops milk chocolate

12 drops bittersweet chocolate extra

20 drops vanilla bean ice cream

2 drops spearmint

Butter Rum Lifesavers by Bardolf B

16% Loranns Butter Rum

4% Flavor App. Sweetner

4% Flavor App. Sweet Cream

Chocolate Eclair by Katja


This will make 5mls of juice. All flavors are TFA. I calculated that 1ml = 33 drops, so adjust accordingly.


Double Chocolate 10% (16 drops)

Bavarian Creme 4% (7 drops)

Vanilla Custard 4% (7 drops)

Sweetener 2% (3 drops)

Bahama Mama by Breaktru:

4% Orange FlavourArt

3% Mango FlavourArt

5% Pineapple FlavourArt

6% Pina Colada or Coconut Capella’s

Berty's RRR (Red Raspberry Redbull)

Target nic strength of 12 mg

Target final blend 60% pg – 40% vg

Ingredient ml drops % of total


50pg/50vg - 36mg Nic Juice 10 200 33

PG 2.8 68 11

VG 7.0 140 23

Red Cow 6.0 120 20

Raspberry 2.4 48 8

Strawberry .9 18 3

Bavarian Cream .6 12 2

MTS Vape Wizard (optional) .3 6 1

Ethyl Moltol to taste – I use two 1/32 scoops.

Heartattack and Vine [a Tom Waits-inspired Blend] by Plasmatron7


in 6mL base:

3 drops Coffee [w/ sweetener]

3 drops Desert Ship tobacco

1 drop Perique Black tobacco

2 drops bourbon whiskey

Cheeky apricot by pamdane


I use loranns, but it can be made with any. About 5-6 ml when done.


3 ML Your favorite VG/PG blend. I do 1 ml PG 2 ml VG

1 ml Southern Comfort

1 ml Apricot

.50 ml peach

one drop marshmallow

dip toothpick in banana cream. Swirl into final mix.

4 drops sweetener

one drop tart/sour


Heat to just below boil. Use heat resistant shot glass. Set til cool. Alcohol will evaporate.

baccy by rbuck9



60/40 pg/vg

4% dessert ship

1 drop dktab

1 drop caramel

1 drop ta

shake well let steep a day then vape away

slightly sweet coffee espresso by sizemore2000


29ml of 25mg nic pg juice.

4 drops of FA coffee espresso.

5 drops of FA whipped cream.

11 drops of sweetner.

beat the summertime heat by RebelAir


40% Lemon

40% Orange

20% Mint


Mix that into your base at 10 - 20% (I like the strength at 20, but it is quite "in your face" at that level. I tested at 10% and it seemed a bit weak to me)

Honeyed Peanut Butter by kyakyu


7.5 ml base (I do 60/40 PG/VG @ 24MG)

1 ml TFA Peanut Butter

.8 ml TFA Honey

makes about 9.3 ML

Mocha Bravo by Terry K


20ml nic pg/vg base, i use all vg

3ml mocha from TPA

1ml keoke coffee from loranns

3ml white chocolate from TPA

1.5ml malted milk from TPA

.5ml vanilla bean icecream from TPA

2x 1/32th tsp of ethyl maltol

Creamy Caramel Ry4 by par292


30ml bottle

PA RY4 12%

PA Caramel Candy 4%

PA Vanilla Swirl 5%

PA Marshmellow 3%

1 1/32 scoop of Ethyl Malto or to taste

Flamingo Recipe by breaktru:

Strawberry 8% - Flavourart

Peach 7% - Flavourart

Coconut 3% - Flavourart

Mom's Best: Galliano Cake by pamdane

4% Butter Rum Icing

6% Pound cake

2% Donut

2% vanilla or bavarian cream

6% REAL Galliano

sweet to taste- not too much, you've got the icing in it.

Richy's RY4 by ma811

DK. 5%

Caramel original 5%

Nut Mix 3%

This is flavoring only, all TPA, and all from OSDIY, of course. You can substitute any nut flavor and it's equally as good!

Hopscotch Cookie @ 20% flavor by sophie_lapin


Marshmallow 40 parts

Peanut Butter 25 parts

Butterscotch 25 parts

English Toffee 5 parts

Cotton Candy 5 parts

Honey Tobacco by JD1


Flavor West Honey Wood Tobacco 7 drops

Flavor Apprentice Tobacco Blend 10 drops

Flavor Art VapeWizard 3 drops

base (50/50 @ 12mg in my case) 5 ml


Nice and light, hint of sweetness - not over sweet at all, good grassy or hay after taste.


Per JD1 "This mix is for a flavor only, and should be mixed down a lot more before vaping."

Desert Peach by AzPlumber


Peach (TFA) 10%

Desert Ship (FA) 2.5%

Brown Sugar (TFA) 5%

Sweetner (TFA) 5%

All From One Stop DIY

Beetle Juice by breaktru

Raspberry 5%
Mango 3%
Pineapple 5%
Strawberry 6%