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Mixing Instructions

Downloadable mixing instructions can be found HERE

One Stop DIY Shop recommends to use an advanced e-liquid calculator such as Breaktru Software's eJuice Me Up.

eJuice Me Up HOW-TO



How to use a Pipette Pump

  • Insert the cotton-filled end of a sterile pipette into the end of a plastic pipette pump.
    • Both pipettes and pumps come in different sizes. Be sure to use a pump that can "suck" the quantity of liquid you want (e.g. 10 ml pump with a 5 ml or 10 ml sterile pipette). 
  • Using the wheel at the top of the pump, raise the white top of the pump approximately 1 cm BEFORE inserting the pipette into the liquid.
    •  This step is necessary in order to create additional air pressure in the pipette as you expel the liquid. 
  • Next, place the tapered tip of the pipette into the liquid. The tip should be within the liquid during the pipetting. 
  • Hold the pipette pump with one hand--your thumb should be placed on the wheel. 
  • Use your thumb to rotate the wheel downward. This will cause the liquid to rise into the pipette. Do this carefully and watch the meniscus of the liquid rise to your desired level. 
    • Remember: Measure the level of the liquid at the BOTTOM of the meniscus.
  • Next, take the tip of the pipette out of the liquid and move the entire apparatus to the place where you desire to put the measured liquid.

Use your thumb to rotate the wheel upward. This will cause the liquid to be dispensed from the pipette. Lower the white top of the pump all the way to the pump shaft. Because you created the extra space before pipetting, the entire contents of the pipette should be now be dispensed!