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Mixing Instructions

Downloadable mixing instructions can be found HERE


Introduction to DIY Liquid Mixing

Now that you have your DIY Flavor Artisan Kit, the possibilities of flavored liquids that you can create are virtually endless! We always suggest to start out mixing your flavors in small batches to prevent wasting your precious liquids and flavorings. A good general rule of thumb is to use 80-90% base liquid (PG or VG (nicotine and/or non-nicotine)), and 10-20% flavoring. Some flavors are much stronger than others, and of course, as with anything involving flavors, taste is very subjective from person to person. Experiment, experiment, experiment!  Soon you will find the perfect combination to suit your taste.

For a sample flavored liquid, follow these steps:

Uncap an empty 3cc bottle, and measure out 0.8ml of PG or VG using your dropper. Transfer it into the empty 3cc bottle. Now for the flavoring, since we are working with a small quantity, you will want to use a 1ml pipette, and measure up 0.2ml of a single flavor that you wish to test. Using these measurements, you are using 80% PG or VG, and 20% flavoring. Re-cap the 3cc bottle, and shake for 15 seconds. Now your flavored liquid is ready for testing!

If you find that the flavor is too strong or too weak, you will want to adjust your mixture by adding 1 drop at a time of either flavoring (if the flavor is too weak), or PG/VG if the flavoring is too strong.

Document your recipe once you feel like you have a good idea of the ratio that you want to use. Once you feel like you have a good recipe, you are ready to measure larger amounts of liquids and use larger bottles.

I highly recommend when mixing larger batches of liquids to use an e-liquid calculator. We have posted a simple e-liquid calculator in the FAQ section of our web-store. You can also access it by clicking here.

One Stop DIY Shop recommends to use a more advanced e-liquid calculator such as Breaktru Software's eJuice Me Up.

eJuice Calculator

Mixing multiple flavors is more of a challenge, depending on which flavors are more powerful and the desired flavor that you wish to achieve. I always start out with my mixed flavorings using equal parts of each flavor. Remember, always start out with your base liquid of 0.8ml then add in 0.2ml of flavoring (0.1ml of each flavor, if you are working with two flavors).

Alternatively, you can practice flavoring your liquids by measuring “by the drop”. 20 drops is roughly 1ml of liquid. You can drip 16 drops of PG or VG into your empty bottle, then 4 drops of flavoring, to achieve the same ratio of 80% base liquid, 20% flavoring.

As with anything, practice makes perfect! Always work in small batches.


How to use a Pipette Pump

  • Insert the cotton-filled end of a sterile pipette into the end of a plastic pipette pump.
    • Both pipettes and pumps come in different sizes. Be sure to use a pump that can "suck" the quantity of liquid you want (e.g. 10 ml pump with a 5 ml or 10 ml sterile pipette). 
  • Using the wheel at the top of the pump, raise the white top of the pump approximately 1 cm BEFORE inserting the pipette into the liquid.
    •  This step is necessary in order to create additional air pressure in the pipette as you expel the liquid. 
  • Next, place the tapered tip of the pipette into the liquid. The tip should be within the liquid during the pipetting. 
  • Hold the pipette pump with one hand--your thumb should be placed on the wheel. 
  • Use your thumb to rotate the wheel downward. This will cause the liquid to rise into the pipette. Do this carefully and watch the meniscus of the liquid rise to your desired level. 
    • Remember: Measure the level of the liquid at the BOTTOM of the meniscus.
  • Next, take the tip of the pipette out of the liquid and move the entire apparatus to the place where you desire to put the measured liquid.

Use your thumb to rotate the wheel upward. This will cause the liquid to be dispensed from the pipette. Lower the white top of the pump all the way to the pump shaft. Because you created the extra space before pipetting, the entire contents of the pipette should be now be dispensed!